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It would be great for charging my phone! In emergency situations, it's all about keeping control over what you can. I can see Shine being very useful when we have to deploy.

A safe place to shine

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Power Using Wind The world's first smart, collapsible, wind turbine for charging phones, lights, and other USB devices. Recharge Under the Stars Power electronics when solar panels won't charge and when batteries are dead. Fits in a Backpack Shine's blades and mount collapse down to the size of a large water bottle.

Power Using Wind

Are you an Outdoor Enthusiast? Open the lid at the front of Shine to access the mount.

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  • Once Shine is secured to the mount, open the blades. Sustain Your Adventure Using Wind. Tech Specs. Shine withstands heavy breezes and produces power in the smallest amounts of wind.

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    Let us know! Throughout my NHL journey I've been able to step away from the game to spend time with children and families who need love and support.

    I also have a special place in my heart for military veterans and their families. For what they have to endure on a daily basis - including but not limited to depression.

    Conclusions and Recommendations

    My goal for Shine A Ligh7 with your help is to raise awareness for those affected by bullying, depression, and mental health issues. Shine A Ligh7 was created over time through my experiences and relationships.

    It was born when I realized just how important and meaningful it was to me, wanting to make a difference in the well being of children's lives. Those dealing with depression, bullying, suicide and overall mental health illness. admin