Haunted Tennessee: The Most Haunted Locations

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Strange visions and ghostly voices have been reported by many who have explored it; find it behind the archery range in E. Guided tours are offered, but you can use your own judgment. He prayed to St. Roch who is most identified with good health and healing , asking for members of his parish to be shielded from the disease, and promising to build a shrine for the saint in gratitude.

Today, pilgrims still visit the St. Roch Chapel, leaving offerings around the shrine. The chapel is currently being restored and will be reopened on March 29, Stephen King. Aka the dude who wrote Pet Sematary, which makes it no surprise the film adaptation was filmed here. For extra scares, watch the movie before a nighttime stroll through this creepy year-old cemetery and see if you can find the spot where Gage was buried. Both are part of several Stephen King tours , which take you to sites around Bangor that inspired his novels.

To find where most of the film was shot, though, you need to head into Black Hills Forest about 20 minutes west of town to find Coffin Rock. The kid eventually returned to town; the search party did not. A second search party found disemboweled bodies, bound at the hands and feet, on Coffin Rock. Those bodies later vanished when the search party returned with backup help. Local legend attributes all of this to the so-called Blair Witch. After a stay there, I can attest: This home painstakingly furnished to look exactly as it did on the morning of the murders will creep you right out.

Daytime tours accommodate lame-o wusses.

Ghosts of Memphis

Better, though, the year-old property hosts up to 20 overnight guests, one of whom will invariably pull out the house ouija board after the evening guide departs and try to contact Lizzie. I did not sleep a wink. Fair warning to all who seek refuge. Joseph Forepaugh, the original tenant, was quite attracted to a maid named Molly.

When his wife found out, he cut off the relationship. Molly, who was pregnant, hung herself from a third-floor chandelier. Soon after, Joseph went for a walk and shot himself. Now, their home is a restaurant beset with accounts of flickering lights, rearranged furniture, cold chills, and unexplained noises. Once a quarter the New American fine dining hub gives into the ghost hunters and holds a night of presentations from paranormal investigators. University of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson This gothic-ass state loves scary legends -- the devil roaming Delta crossroads, ghosts haunting the mansions in Natchez -- but a very real site of horror resides here in Jackson.

Back in , construction workers beginning a parking lot came across a mass grave of about 7, former Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum residents, buried around the turn of the century. Main Street St. The legend dates to , when the old Borromeo Cemetery was moved and a number of the graves they dug up had no bodies in them. Those spirits are rumored to haunt the shops at South Main Street, where objects vanish inexplicably and mysterious cooking smells emerge -- as does, apparently, a deep French-speaking voice. The town is also home to a haunted community college, a haunted high school, and a haunted forest.

The lone hotel in this former gold mining town is said to be haunted by the ghosts of children who get into all manner of shenanigans. They move your luggage, turn the lights on and off, and generally annoy the bejeezus out of you. Most of us get over it and just get them crappy Christmas presents. We do NOT, however, take all seven of our daughters out to separate hills and kill them, as one deranged Nebraska man did over a century ago.

Cars driving through routinely report headlights going dim, or electrical systems failing completely, leaving their cars stalled in the eerie darkness, with the screams of young women echoing through the hills. Touristy reproductions, sure, but this settlement is still more than a century and a half old Reported apparitions include a little girl in the schoolhouse, shadows in the opera house, and figures in the wax museum moving on their own to the extent that staff decided to nail them to the floor.

Every Halloween the buildings are converted into creepy haunted houses as part of Bonnie Screams, the Ranch's fully immersive "haunted ghost town" experience complete with zombie paintball. The scare fest includes themed attractions like the Psycho Circus maniacal clowns! It also rocks a monster-themed midway, making a trip here more like a giant Halloween carnival than a mere haunted house.

Legend has it, anyone who harms the tree will suffer swift and violent retribution -- so naturally, it has become a tradition for ballsy teens across the Garden State to pee on its trunk. But do so at your own risk -- you might just lose your life or your manhood to the tree's sinister curse. Also, that's just unsanitary.

Back in , cadets claimed to have seen a ghost in an antiquated school uniform, roaming around Room -- a room no longer in use. The Biltmore Estate Asheville The largest private residence in the entire country is of course housing some ghosties up in those , square feet. George himself has been spotted chilling in the library, and his late wife Edith wanders around calling out his name.

Abraham Lincoln. Staffers have reported hearing strange voices and footsteps coming from within after dark. But during weekends in October, it serves as the finest haunted attraction in North Dakota. Visitors start at the house where monsters and ghosts pop out from every corner , then move through a granary of creepy clowns and barracks filled with zombies; you may be instructed to lie down in your own grave. Ohio State Reformatory Mansfield Ohio has its fair share of creepy shit , but this massive stone castle is basically hell disguised as Hogwarts. The majestically spired campus housed over , inmates over its history from A tour through here on a normal day is grim, but during scare season it transforms into the biggest prison-based haunted attraction in America: Escape From Blood Prison.

The cells and hallways are filled with undead inmates and faucets dripping blood, turning the already creepy reformatory into a bona fide nightmare. Hex House Tulsa This intense immersive haunted attraction is based on a disturbing true story from the s, when a woman named Carolann Smith mind-controlled two young women into living in her unheated basement, doing her bidding, and giving her all their money. Hex House takes that tale and runs with it, with hair-raising special effects designed to put you in a hypnotic trance.

It runs through November 3rd, mostly weekends and Halloween. Timberline Lodge Mt.

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Hood as the exterior of the terrifying Overlook Hotel. Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Known locally as ESP already a creepy touch , the prison intended to value reform over punishment, at a time when Puritanical America was embracing the penitent foundation of the penitentiary. The mix of weird science, gigantic brutal architecture, and famous inmates like Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton serves as a perfect staging ground for the nighttime haunted tours.

Bijou Theatre

If that doesn't do it for you, there's plenty of other haunts in PA to freak you out. Fortress of Nightmares Newport For six days in October, the winding tunnels below the historic Fort Adams become one of the most realistic scary attractions in New England. Wandering through dark, zombie-filled passages is enough to keep anyone terrified until Thanksgiving, but Fortress of Nightmares has now upped the ante with virtual-reality.

Paranormal puts you inside an eight-minute horror movie, with real-life effects to enhance the experience. Once the sun goes down, the roads become a dark maze through a towering forest of pines, oaks, and spooky spanish moss -- and no bridge means no escape. Daufuskie does naturally what swamp-themed haunted houses around the country try to recreate.

Minus the zombies.

Most Haunted Places in America: Scariest Spots in All 50 States - Thrillist

Terror in the Dark Haunted House Rapid City The state favorite for the last 20 years, Terror in the Dark is only open for a handful of days each year ending on October 29 this year. Besides pinching, pulling hair, and taunting their visitors with strange sounds, she repeatedly tried to choke patriarch John Bell. For 12 bucks you can tour the spooky cave , which has been placed on the National Historical Register, and according to the tour guides visitors have felt sensations of being pushed, touched, or held down by a heavy weight. The famous haunting even spooked Andrew Jackson when he visited: "By the Eternal, I saw nothing, but I heard enough to convince me that I'd rather fight the British than to deal with this torment they call the Bell Witch.

Over 2, patients died there, and old beds, gurneys, mirrors, chairs, and other medical equipment are still inside. Go check it out!

Are ghosts real? Here are 7 of Knoxville, East Tennessee's most haunted places

Visitors to this Manhattan mansion have reported seeing the ghost of Eliza Jumel, a former owner, telling them to quiet down. There have also been reports of a disembodied voice speaking from inside a grandfather clock and a Hessian soldier who comes to life from a painting on the wall. The famous Biltmore Estate is a popular tourist attraction in Asheville, but it's also reportedly home to a number of ghosts, including a headless orange cat who lives in the gardens.

Once a bustling fort housing military officers and their families in the s, Fort Abraham Lincoln was eventually left to the elements once conflict had ended. The Custer House, part of the fort, was rebuilt in , and has since become haunted with the ghosts of the fort's former inhabitants. The house on this farm is reportedly haunted by a farmer's daughter who poisoned her family after they kept her from a boy she was in love with. Visitors have reported hearing voices and seeing the daughter's silhouette in the window. The Gilcrease Museum, located in Tulsa, has been subject to several paranormal investigations after reports of strange whispers in the dark and mysterious door slamming.

It's also reportedly haunted by a woman in white who may have killed herself jumping off a hotel balcony as well as a child who spends time on the ground near the site of a former pool. Eastern State Penitentiary, once a notorious and active prison, has long since stopped housing prisoners, but its crumbling walls and spooky passageways remain. Stephen King was inspired by this hotel, which was built with the backing of a Satanist who performed rituals inside. The hotel was also the site of several deaths during the Prohibition era, and remains reportedly haunted today.

A former plantation, this property has been owned by the same family since Paranormal activity reported there has included mysterious voices and noises, growling and unknown music.

Get to know the places which the Ghosts of Chattanooga haunt

This gulch is reportedly haunted by a pair of lovers who died there after the woman was kidnapped, the man tried to rescue her, and both were injured in the fighting. Visitors have reported hearing screams as well as an apparition of the lovers. More than 1, Confederate troops and four Confederate generals died near this plantation, so many visitors have reportedly seen Confederate soldier ghosts haunting the premises.

Ghosts of the Carnton children — only two of whom lived to adulthood — have also been seen. It's no wonder this retired warship is known as the "Blue Ghost" — the ghost of an engine room operator killed in a World War II battle is said to haunt the ship, and visitors have described lights turning on and off with no explanation. The spot where nearly settlers were murdered in in the Utah War remains haunted, with visitors reporting cries and screams at the site.

The Dutton House, part of the Shelburne Museum, has long been a site of paranormal activity. Museum employees have reported seeing the ghost of an old man and hearing the sound of a crying child. Virginia's oldest house, built in , has a serious history of haunting occurrences.

Inhabitants have reported seeing a temporary glowing ball of light a white face with black eyes and a white scarf. Furniture and objects have also been known to relocate for no reason. Local records indicate that police have been called to this seat of government multiple times to investigate lights being turned on and off, odd noises, and fire alarms going off without an explanation. Police haven't been able to find evidence of anyone inside. Originally built to house patients, this hospital once held more than 2,, crowded and living in poor conditions.

The hospital closed in and reopened as a tourist attraction, and visitors have reported screams, shadowy figures and slamming doors. Built over a century ago, this house has a long history of mysterious activity, including fleeting shadows, whispering voices, random pockets of chilled air and objects moving on their own.

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Even though the house was mostly destroyed by fire in , the paranormal activity allegedly continues. The most famous ghost said to dwell in this former military fort is the Lady in Green, who disappeared after disobeying her father's orders and riding her horse alone. Her ghost reportedly appears near Fort Laramie every seven years. The former Remington Arms Co.

Bloomberg, Bloomberg via Getty Images. The tombs were wiped of personal information during post processing. Applicable concepts could include tourism, religion, history, culture, spirituality, or many others.

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Later called the Armand Auclerc Weston State Hospital, the psychiatric hospital was operated from until by the US government. The hospital's main building is one of the largest hand-cut stone masonry buildings in the United States. Originally designed to hold patients, numbers swelled to over 2, in the s. It was forcibly closed in due to changes in treatments of patients.

The now privately owned building complex is open for tours and other money raising events, proceeds of which go to the restoration and preservation of the historic landmark.

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