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But in bars and karaoke theaters, anything goes. Likewise, p articipants found a picture of a man with a frozen beard mishap funnier than a man with his finger stuck through his own eye socket tragedy.

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Eventually, however, distance decreases humor by making the event seem completely benign. Last year, the comedian Stephen Fry publicly discussed his bipolar disorder and suicide attempt. In the s, the psychologist Lewis Terman found that children rated as having a good sense of humor by their parents and teachers died younger as adults. A longitudinal study of Finnish police officers found that the funniest among them were more likely to be obese and to smoke. And an analysis of New York Times obituaries found that performers died nearly eight years younger than members of the military did.

The Dark Psychology of Being a Good Comedian

Is there something unusually taxing about the process of dreaming up violations and deploying them to crack people up? Last month, a group of British scientists found that comedians are more likely than regular people to exhibit psychotic traits, or the characteristics associated with people who have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Writing in the British Journal of Psychiatry , the authors describe how they administered a questionnaire to comedians, actors, and people with non-performance jobs.

Comedians and actors alike scored higher than the non-performers across almost all of the traits. Comedians, more so than the regular folk or even actors, were more likely to have a mild distaste for humanity. In fact, few of the subjects actually experienced psychotic symptoms; they just shared some traits with people who suffer from psychotic ailments.

McGraw is skeptical, though.

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He points to the fact that the comedians scored roughly on par with the actors. Comedians, he says, are just actors starring in their own play.

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Lewis Black doesn't walk around outraged at the bus stop. Such a competitive field demands attentiveness to showtimes, hours spent perfecting jokes, and being cordial to club owners. They're in jails, and they're not funny. They're sad and angry," he said. Gil Greengross, a University of Mexico anthropologist, thinks the secret to being funny is being smart. As he expected, the students who scored higher on the intelligence measures also created the funniest captions.

This makes sense. According to all of the theories of humor, wit involves putting discordant ideas together quickly, all while being perceptive enough to offend your audience a little, but not too much. They can connect these dots. But—prepare to cringe, fellow feminists—Greengross found that the male students wrote more and funnier captions than the female students did, even though the men had only slightly larger vocabularies on average.

The evolutionary explanation, though, is that women use humor as a proxy to select the cleverest mates from a crowd.

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One key part of the experiment, though, was that the men were actually attempting more jokes. They wrote more captions overall, so they had more total successes. Teasing is a way of showing love and affection for some individuals. For others, teasing is a habit and a way of interacting with people. In some cases, teasing maybe a power play or a way of trying to be the center of attention. Some people may tease to liven up a dull conversation or to try and come across as clever and funny. There are people who use teasing as a smokescreen to keep the focus on others and not on themselves.

Others tease their spouse when there are others around because they think it is a safe way to say something negative they've been wanting to say. Don't attack or be malicious especially when it comes to your spouse's capabilities, appearance, weight, or what you perceive to be a physical flaw. It isn't funny to those who hear what you've said, and it isn't funny to your spouse. Don't overdo the humor bit. Yes, every relationship needs some fun and laughter. However, you can give too many gag gifts, make too many so-called witty remarks, tell a few too many funny stories, and engage in too much horseplay.

Keep it balanced with some down to earth, real, serious conversations with your spouse. Make sure that your teasing isn't a sly or manipulative way to throw insults and put-downs at your spouse. Recognize that teasing can snowball in a relationship with one spouse wanting to top the other's last remark.

All of us have sensitive areas or weak spots in our self-esteem. It's not something that is readily shared.

Why Does Your Spouse Tease You?

So if your spouse objects to your teasing, accept that the teasing is not liked or appreciated and knock it off! Don't try to throw if off by saying that you were only joking or that your spouse is a poor sport. If you are being teased by your spouse and don't like it, say so. Assert yourself. Ask your mate, "Why would you say that? Sometimes, a long stare, then walking away will get the message across. Other folks have actually left the restaurant or party and drove home figuring their spouse can figure out a way to get home on their own.

When confronted later as to why you responded the way you did, the state again that the teasing wasn't funny and that you aren't going to take it anymore. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback!

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