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All went well and the feedback was good. Best thing of all was, that one of the attendees was a Social Selling consultant. After a few weeks, we sold the first workshop to a corporation, have held multiple public ones and are continuing to tweaking our offering. Even though our customers are not in the Impact Hub we were able to test an idea and improve our product. Working with the community helped us, while it was also provided tangible value to the members.

The Sustainable Development Goal Nr 9 wants to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Lisa Marti and Justine Portenier, project managers. In our conversation, Lisa Marti and Justine Portenier from Social Fabric changed the way I think about banana peel forever and I get to wonder why the hell I have been taught to throw out the best part! In the future, banana peels might make a nice yellow shirt.

Lisa : My main responsibility is to find merchandise customers — companies, or festivals that need personalized or customized products that are made in a sustainable or fair way. I am also responsible for the refugee projects we run and the German courses we will start in the fall. Justine : I am responsible for retail sales and products. I am looking for clothing shops, museum shops and online stores that can sell our clothes and products. In the beginning I was responsible for building public connections and partnerships. But the role quickly developed into building customer relationships with retailers, foundations and people in our community who are interested in Social Fabric.

What was your biggest success during the last two months with Social Fabric?

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Justine: The biggest success for us was making friends and meeting the people who work here. But, in my role as a sales person, it is the amount of retailers we gained as new customers. My target was finding eight and I found eight, including two online shops. I found two stores in Basel that agreed to sell our products and that made me happy. Lisa: One success was that we really felt part of the team. Unfortunately, securing merchandise partners was a little bit more difficult. We also participated in Mass Challenge and presented a pitch. Afterwards, the Head of Migros Product Management came to us and is now our mentor.

What do you think was the bottleneck for finding merchandise partners? Lisa : One is pricing. Another reason is that companies or festivals have long-term contracts with their partners. It is a long process to see change happen. Perhaps we still need to find the right sector to collaborate with.

What has been different about your Summerpreneurship with Social Fabric from other internships or summer jobs? Justine : I think the biggest difference is taking part in a program through the Summerpreneurship at Impact Hub Zurich. You meet other interns, you have a huge exchange and a lot of input around entrepreneurship. It was difficult to explain to our friends what we were doing because we were at Social Fabric, at Impact Hub, at Mass challenge, in Zurich, Lausanne and all over the place. How is your project contributing to Sustainable Development Goal No. Lisa : The big vision is to disrupt the industry and be really innovative around new materials.

The fashion industry is not a very innovative sector compared with for example the technology sector. Heather, the founder of Social Fabric would like to produce fabric out of food waste or other agricultural byproducts. Most fabrics are naturally plant based. That would change the way the fashion industry works and fabrics could also be made out of plants that grow locally and be produced locally.

Justine : The decentralization of infrastructure in the industry also is a big problem. Clothes are often made thousands of miles from where you live and that needs to change. Clothes also should last for a long time. Social Fabric is scaling their activities this fall and as part of that you are also running a crowdfunding campaign to further collaborate with communities abroad. Could you share a little bit about the communities you will be working with?

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Lisa : One production partner is Freeset in Calcutta, India. They give them the opportunity to work in fair conditions with sustainable materials and share our goal of creating environmental and social change. Justine : We also have a partner in Romania — Mai bine. They work together with young people who have a hard time finding employment.

Heather went on an exchange trip to see how they work and live. They will probably help us producing the new backpacks our team designed. We are still working out the partnership with them. They potentially are a partner who will bring new opportunities and also can help us grow. Justine : When you work in the textile industry it is important to focus on your local area. But the textile industry is distributed globally and we want to create opportunities at Social Fabric to think global and for other people to grow together with us.

Justine : I had a nice and funny story with my colleague Zeit from Eritrea. She is a very nice and shy woman who is very open. We were sewing together and she said she has problems with her skin. I really had to laugh out loud. We do have a lot of people from all over the globe here. What are you personally dreaming of doing in the future? Lisa : I still would like to do my Masters degree on peace and conflict studies, or development studies focused on education and migration.

Afterwards, I would like to work in the social sector perhaps with my own social startup or also working for an NGO. Justine : My closer future will look at a Masters degree and continue working at Social Fabric. I came into social fabric and it changed my next few years. I hope it will continue like this and that I will contribute to something like Social Fabric.

Chris Burry, giving a pitch coaching session at the Swisscom Pirates Hub. And these are the main points of the pitch camp:. It seems a difficult market. Recently the Hub was plastered with adverts for a fitness subscription plan. Firstly, it felt like any old ad and not something that adds value to the community. So if selling to the hub community is similar to other markets, you need to fine-tune your message.

Secondly with all the early-stage startups, founders and self-employed people, the affluence of the group is below average. B2B is a bit different. There is a market for business services since every business needs to take care of taxes or marketing. But even here, willingness to spend is lower than with an established business and most founders will rather invest a bit of elbow grease then spend cash out of their pocket. So again you need to have a compelling value proposition and a great price point to be enticing.

Which means high efforts and low returns. The Sustainable Development Goal Nr 14 wants to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. Aki laughs at my question as if his laughter was a school of fish tickled by anemone. Humanity came from the ocean and the ocean is in all of us.

There will always be this fascination that everyone has when looking out at sea and listening to the sound of waves. As a diver, I like being in the water. I have seen how amazing the underwater world can be — I saw the beauty of it but also the destruction and decline of diversity. I wanted to do something for the coming generations and try everything to make the ocean a better place than it is at the moment. Corals play a central role in the food chain and network of life under water. Even though they only cover 0.


Usually there is an interdependence between corals, mangroves and sea-grass beds. Fish usually lay their eggs in sea-grass beds. When they hatch and grow to a certain size, they migrate to mangroves where they can hide from predators and also find enough food to mature. Reaching a certain size, they will then migrate back to the coral reefs where they live.

If one of these three components, and especially the corals, is taken away, this very important circle of life will be destroyed. There will be no offspring and surplus of fish, hence there will be no fish to catch by fishermen. Food will become scarce especially for people whose livelihood depends solely and directly on fishing which is often the case in developing countries. So fixing the corals not only fixes the Sustainable Development Goal number 14 — life under water, but many other goals connected to it.

The main goal in the long run is that our job is not needed anymore. I want to live in a world in which nature is just fine being nature itself and where there is no need to do protection and restoration work. I am aware that this is a very utopian goal, at least at the moment. But then again, I want to make sure our restoration efforts will leave behind a network of diverse coral hotspots along coastlines where biodiversity under water can be protected and maintained.

The regions in between these hotspots can recover themselves, if left alone. Fotos by Coralive. In the Philippines, I have seen nature bouncing back in a project we worked on within two and a half years. That was probably the most rewarding outcome I can wish for, seeing nature healing itself when given her a break and a little jump-start.

In the beginning, the ocean floor was completely destroyed by dynamite fishing, flat and covered in coral rubble. After restoration, we even noticed predator and prey behavior returning meaning barracudas were hunting squids, which again were going after catfish. These kind of events give me a lot of energy and motivation to keep doing what I do. Yes, it is possible. With the mineral accretion technology Coralive. It just needs to be done. Newer threats are caused by the effects of climate change and also the acidification of the oceans. The current carbon dioxide output into the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fules is largely absorbed by the upper layer of the oceans.

Delicate and slow adapting species like corals will have a big problem to cope with. At some point they produce only enough calcium to maintain their size and as the oceans are getting more and more acidic, it will become very difficult for corals to even grow. Yes, with the technology we are using and the support of electricity we spark the growth. Welt Okt. Neue Presse Okt. Als erstes Musical gewann es den begehrten Pulitzer-Preis.

Die Handlung spielt in Mailand und in der italienischen Provinz. Giorgio wird daher auf einen entlegenen Posten versetzt. Fosca stirbt drei Tage nach der einzigen Liebesnacht. Sondheims Lieder haben hier keinen klassischen Aufbau und kein typisches Ende, Musik und Dialoge verschmelzen miteinander. So entwickelt das Musical nach und nach fast unmerklich einen starken emotionalen Sog, der den Zuschauer in seinen Bann zieht. Da Capo Febr.

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, Mit Stephen Sondheims Musical macht die Staatsoperette alles richtig. Musik in Dresden, Ganz und gar ist die Musik mit der Geschichte verwoben. Das Premierenpublikum hat all dies mit begeistertem Applaus bedacht. Dresdner Akzente. Barries zeitlose Geschichte von dem Jungen, der nicht erwachsen werden wollte, wurde von den Autoren Honk! Sinfonie bei der Kritik durch. Der Dirigent war betrunken, das Orchester unterprobt, das Publikum feindselig.

New York, zu Beginn des Begleitet vom Ragtime sind sie alle auf der Suche nach einer besseren Zukunft. Er bringt auch das Staatsorchester in Ragtime-Feeling […]. Ein echter Klassiker, von einem renommierten Team geschaffen. Belle gelingt es, aus dem Ungeheuer wieder einen Prinzen zu machen — eine Geschichte aus der guten alten Zeit voller Nostalgie und Farbe. BewerberInnen hervorgegangen. Neues Volksblatt.


Kronen Zeitung. Diese Sieben hat uns der Himmel geschickt. Mit ihrem schwungvollen, strahlenden Programm bringen sie uns auf Wolke sieben. Bei einer Probe kommt es zum Eklat. In der Not springt Andys Tochter Magnolia ein. Der Opernfreund Dez. Schauplatz ist das viktorianische London. Und weil Mrs. Sondheims musikalisch kraftvolles Musical wurde mehrfach ausgezeichnet. Die Idee war gut! Florenz, Alessandro, der Herzog von Florenz, begnadigt ihn, weil der Bildhauer die Marmorstatue einer Nymphe noch nicht fertig gestellt hat, mit dem er ihn beauftragt hatte.

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Er kommt nicht voran, weil ihn sein attraktives Modell Angela ablenkt. Cellini eilt zum Palast, um Angela zu retten. Er begegnet der Herzogin, die ihm Sex, aber keine Romantik in Aussicht stellt. Cellini kann sich aus ihren Armen entwinden und befreit Angela. Der Herzog und seine Frau sowie Angela besuchen ihn dort.

Unvermittelt kommt Graf Maffio hinzu, um Cellini zum Zweikampf zu fordern. Die Welt 4. November Die Broadway-Produktion wurde mit sieben Tony-Awards ausgezeichnet, u. Bei Bekanntwerden von entsprechenden Rechtsverletzungen werden wir diese Inhalte umgehend entfernen. Against these conspiracy theories and drawing on key American historians' debates, this paper scrutinizes the actual historical origins of the Federal Reserve Act and shows that the founding of the Federal Reserve took place not in a period of defeat but rather the advance of subaltern social forces and that the Federal Reserve Act is an embodiment of a historic compromise between various social classes and class fractions in the political economy of the United States prior to World War One.

Drawing on the theoretical tradition of neo-Gramscianism, the paper argues that the emergence of a U. In other words, the American Empire was not the result of a devious plan by an all-powerful American or transnational ruling class, but rather its Making was the consequence of a political process in which subaltern social forces, unable to fundamentally challenge the existing power structure as such, are co-opted, absorbed and inscribe themselves into that very structure. Progressive Era , Labor History U. History , Karl Marx , U.

View on inkrit. Karl Marx' Philosophie der Praxis. Geburtstags [Karl Marx's Philosophy of Praxis. On the Occasion of His th Birthday] more. Gramscis Konzept des organischen Solange es Klassengesellschaften gibt, werden organische Intellektuelle auf die Universalisierung der Interessen ihrer Klassen durch eine Sprache der Wahrheit und Notwendigkeit zielen. Ein Endpunkt ist seine Theorie des Staates im Kapitalismus jedoch nicht.

Stattdessen ist sie auch durch historische Kontextualisierung in der View on wildcat-www. Der Brumaire des Donald J. Berlin: Dietz, Diese Entwicklung in der Rationalisierung kapitalistischer Produktion revolutionierte nicht nur Dabei wird die Relevanz der Marx'schen Entfremdungstheorie und mithin die Einheit von jungem und altem Marx behauptet. Jahrhundert begeben. Wer vom Kapitalismus reden will, sollte von Migration und Heimatverlust nicht schweigen. Um den Begriff des Imperialismus, seinen Gegenstand und seine Reichweitewurde seit je gestritten. Ist er der Oberbegriff,der die Rebuttal to Andreas Wehr] more.

View on zeitschrift-marxistische-erneuerung. Vorabdruck des 7. Kapitels aus dem Buch "Imperialismus. An Introduction" ] more. Die Rede ist vom britischamerikanischen Geografen David Harvey. Am Oktober wird er 80 Jahre Oktober wird er 80 Jahre alt. Wie kam es dazu und warum? Theorie, praktisch. Frank Deppe zum Geburtstag [Theory, practically.

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In Celebration of Frank Deppe's 70th Birthday] more. Staatstheorie und US-amerikanischer Superstaat. A Conversation With Clyde W. Barrow] more. View on argument-verlag.

Kritische Intellektuelle im An Interview with Stephen Gill] more. Review of "Aufstieg der Neocons. Drury more. Review of "The Liberal Virus. Foreign Policy , and Imperialism. Talking About Power. The Crisis of the German Left Jacobin interview more. But as the main parties lose their hold over Germans, the Left does not seem well-placed to take advantage. Publication Date: Publication Name: Jacobin. View on jacobinmag. The Death of the German Dream Jacobin interview more.

Angela Merkel has resigned as CDU leader. Her failed promises of "prosperity for all" are leading to the disintegration of the traditional mass parties. A Research Framework for the "Euro Crisis"] more. In Marxist as well as non-Marxist scholarly literature, the concept of legitimacy used to be a central category for the theorization and analysis of the state in capitalist society.

However, during the s retrenching of the welfare However, during the s retrenching of the welfare state and the TINA globalization decade of the s it increasingly disappeared from critical research on the particular form the internationalization of the state has taken as part of the European regional integration project. The belle epoque of neo-socialdemocracy during the second half of the s and the first half of the s marked the last step in the exhaustion of the utopian energies that had emerged from the s cultural rebellion. Its inscription Its inscription into neoliberalism and the neoliberal transformation of social democracy has not only severely damaged traditional social democracy, but along the collapse of Eastern and Western communism and the generally declining integrative potentials of former catch-all parties it has also entailed the emergence of right-wing populist parties or forces within first-past-the-post voting systems as an almost universal byproduct of neoliberal social restructuring.

It is the first left-wing articulation of the contradictions of neoliberalism that has hindered the rise of right-wing populism at the national level, which in still seemed inevitable, and embodies a new left that is not merely a remainder of the fallen Western new left or Eastern communism. The leftist articulation of the contradictions of neoliberalism, however, do not imply that right-wing populism has been banned for good.

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