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Her unconscious body in the present is vulnerable to just about any kind of danger. Also, the longer she stays in the past, the weaker she becomes and the harder it is to return to the present.

Example Sentences

Her health deteriorates to the point where her condition becomes life threatening. But with so much at stake, quitting is not an option. Only time will tell whether we made the right decision.

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  • Khan Khan You can use it to express something that you are not sure will happen: Time will tell whether or not I am a good cook. So you should use in time instead: In time, you'll see that I'm a good cook.

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    In time, you'll see me become a good cook. LawrenceC LawrenceC Thinking of Anixx 's comment on the question, "time will show" would also probably be a good fit here, even in English. Exactly, but there's no need for the "or not" there rarely is : "Time will tell whether I am a good cook.

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    Crowder Jul 31 '15 at It is an idiom: Only time will tell Prov. You will only know the outcome after time has passed.

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    So in your case it is correct but it is better if you remove "you" from the sentence: Only time will tell that I am a good cook. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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    In a new study entitled "Lying Takes Time," the authors focused on the time it takes a person to respond reaction time, or RT as a possible indicator of deception. They were following the line of logic that it takes more time to formulate a false response than a true one, which if true should be evident in measures that are highly sensitive to RT. The authors summarized results from studies that comprised over subjects. Their analyses revealed a statistically large effect of deception on reaction time, confirming that it takes longer to lie than to tell the truth.

    Several possible explanations were offered for the extra time it takes to deceive. Additionally a person may be switching between telling the truth and lying, depending on the cost of the truth—for example, being truthful about where he went but dishonest about what he did there—and task switching is known to take time.

    Review Overview

    The authors note an important limitation of their review, that the studies they included all used computerized designs where participants pushed a button rather than verbal responses. This feature made it possible to measure RT much more precisely than is possible with spoken words, though of course it may limit the applicability of their findings. Nevertheless, we've probably all detected someone's lie based on their delayed response.

    For example, if we ask our partner how we look, it only takes a half-second beat before answering to tell us that whatever comes next may not be entirely true. The authors note some potentially important applications of this research, including for lie detection purposes in civil or criminal proceedings. Additional work is needed to address the high likelihood of "countermeasures" to conceal the lie, such as simply being sure to answer as quickly as possible.

    Suchotzki, K.

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    Lying takes time: A meta-analysis on reaction time measure of deception. Psychological Bulletin. Seth J. Gillihan, Ph. An octogenarian expert on near-death experiences tells jokes as he waits to die.