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Chetan Soni - Sr. Security Specialist, Secugenius Security Solutions. What is Advanced Policy Firewall? Advanced Policy Firewall APF is an iptables netfilter based firewall system designed around the essential needs of todays Linux servers. The configuration is designed to be very informative and easy to follow. The management on a day-to-day basis is conducted from the command line with the apf command, which includes detailed usage information on all the features. APF is developed and maintained by R-fx Networks.

The technical side of APF is such that it utilizes the latest stable features from the iptables netfilter project to provide a very robust and powerful firewall. The filtering performed by APF is three fold: 1 Static rule based policies not to be confused with a static firewall 2 Connection based stateful policies 3 Sanity based policies.

North-south firewalls control mutual access between tenant network users and external networks. Understanding these concepts helps you better understand service traffic forwarding of the solution. Tenant virtual router tenant vRouter is a dedicated VRF on a gateway node created for a tenant. A tenant vRouter connects tenant vFWs and PEs and applies to the scenario where firewalls are deployed in bypass mode. The virtual systems of firewalls are classified into two types: Public virtual firewall public vFW : is a special virtual system that exists on firewalls by default.

After the virtualization function is enabled, the public vFW inherits the previous configurations on the firewalls. Virtual system VSYS : is a logical device divided on a firewall. Each VSYS works independently. I n a large Layer 2 data center network, there are many physical and virtual machines. A large number of ARP broadcast packets will pose huge pressure on gateways and tenants.

Gateways may be affected greatly because they need to learn and manage ARP entries. In addition, a massive number of ARP packets will occupy high bandwidth.

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The following figure shows the implementation of ARP broadcast suppression. When the leaf switches receive local ARP requests, they convert broadcast packets into unicast packets based on host information before forwarding packets. I n dual-firewall hot standby, two firewalls are deployed. The active firewall forwards services, and the standby firewall monitors the forwarding. The active firewall periodically sends status and backup information to the standby firewall. When the active firewall is faulty, the standby firewall immediately takes over services on the active firewall.

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  • Dual-firewall hot standby is characterized by a dedicated backup tunnel heartbeat line. The service interfaces of the two firewalls use the same IP address. Therefore, they can be considered as one firewall. After dual-firewall hot standby is enabled, most configuration commands only need to be executed on one firewall, and will be automatically synchronized to the other firewall. VPN encrypts data packets and converts destination addresses at both ends data egress to transmit data in enterprise interconnection.


    You can configure IPSec VPN to enable communication between the enterprise data center and enterprise private network. T he FabricInsight is a data center network-based big data analysis platform developed by Huawei. It can collect and analyze application and flow information on data center networks and display the information to users, helping users monitor the health status of networks and applications and quickly demarcate and rectify faults.

    The FabricInsight provides the following functions:. Network insight Collects statistics about network parameters, such as the number of SYN events, traffic volume, average delay, and maximum delay, in real time. Clearly displays the status of network devices and links. Application insight Uses the application map to clearly display the interaction relationship and quality of applications, and collects statistics on key parameters, such as the number of applications, number of hosts, average inter-application delay, and average intra-application delay.

    Flow insight Enables users to view flow event details, including the quintuple information, status normal or abnormal , delay, traffic volume, all flow events such as link establishment and disconnection events of the current flow in a specified period, and topology paths used in specific events. It has the following functions:. Visualizes attack paths to show the attack process and path.

    Supports security posture awareness to predict attack trends. M icrosegmentation, also called EPG-based security isolation, groups servers on a data center network based on rules. It provides identity authentication, data encryption, integrity check, and anti-replay to protect Ethernet frames and prevent attack packets.

    Pauline Barclay : Character Interview: Shrug from the BackTracker Series by Eileen Schuh.

    N etwork Quality Analysis NQA is a technology to measure network performance in real time and collect statistics on network information, such as the delay, jitter, and packet loss ratio. It can measure real-time network QoS and effectively diagnose and locate network faults. DCs do not need to orchestrate information with each other. admin