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He started biting my neck. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel argued that the mind does not only structure reality, it constitutes reality. Immanuel Kant would argue that all minds are structurally identical, therefore you and I can see the same yellow banana. Hegel, on the other hand, argued that the mind does not have a static, universal structure. Instead, the mind evolves in response to time and circumstance.

One cannot see philosophical arguments as compelling unless one is already a philosopher, but one cannot become a philosopher unless one already sees philosophical arguments as compelling. Therefore, one can never become a philosopher. Plato works around the paradox using seduction , coaxing the reader to engage in dialogue, and subsequently, philosophical argument.

On a Tuesday, I wore a green dress to dinner. Thomas refused to speak to me and stormed out of the restaurant, leaving me alone with two plates of pasta. On a Thursday, I wore a blue dress to dinner. Thomas told me that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

We stayed for dessert. A definition is offered. Generally, the first definition is derived from a pre-reflected place, say, from common sense, or a collective belief. I met my philosophy T. We sat cross-legged on overstuffed couches and flipped through a pile of dusty books. I jotted down notes as I listened to him speak. Black ink smudged my fingers and smeared across my skin.

Philippe spoke of ataraxia , an untroubled and tranquil condition of the soul. In order to reach ataraxia, one must rid oneself of the desire for the superfluous and focus only on keeping oneself safe and healthy and alive. The Epicurean has no use for things like power or love or fear. Leontius was a Byzantine emperor. He was travelling through Piraeus when he came upon an executioner. Leontius closed his eyes in disgust, but a part of him wanted to look, wanted to see.

He struggled with himself. He turned away. He covered his face. Our server took our order, her glasses balanced on the tip of her nose.

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Am I finally allowed to tell you I hate that guy? Karen set down our coffee. I winced. She left. I banged my throbbing head down on the tablecloth and kept it there for a long time. Karen filled up my coffee and brought me the bill. An argument is valid if and only if it is impossible for all of its premises to be true and yet its conclusion false. This speaks to the structure, not the content, of the argument.

For example:. Plato asserted that the story of Leontius demonstrated that the soul is tripartite , made up of three distinct parts: logistikon , theymoeides , and epithymetikon ; or rather, Reason, Will, and Desire. In the dialogue Phaedrus , Plato described the soul as a chariot, pulled by two winged horses: one of noble breed, the other deformed and troublesome.

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The charioteer may know his destination, but if the noble steed cannot overpower the deformed beast, the charioteer will never arrive. For an argument to be sound it must be valid in structure, and all of its premises must be true. I will fuck you until you love me. It is clear that the same thing will never do or undergo opposite things in the same part of it and towards the same thing at the same time; so if we find this happening, we shall know it was not one thing but more than one.

A part of me loved Thomas, a part of me hated him, a part of me pitied him, and a part of me feared him.

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A fallacy is an instance of false reasoning often seen in an invalid argument or in the use of unwarranted or unjustified premises in an argument. There are many different kinds of fallacies. Ad Hominem is the fallacy of levying your criticism of an argument on the person, not their argument. To know right, that is to say, is not to do right. Akrasia is derived from the Greek word for power, kratos , and the prefix a- , meaning without. Straw Man is the fallacy of attributing to the opponent a fictitious or distorted view so as to make it an easier argument to refute.

Shadows clung to his cheeks and slipped down his neck.

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The crowd was salty, mainly old men with bits of food in their beards and prematurely-aged women with tobacco-stained fingers. Physical mediums produced matter that was allegedly formed in the midst of a psychic state. The matter was often amorphous and the effort exerted in its production was, according to psychical researchers, wholly non-intellectual. While the intellectual labor of defining and evaluating the matter fell to the typically male researcher, the creative effort of self-definition ultimately fell to the medium. I argue that these women were unquestionably more in control of the narrative than either their observers or contemporary critics acknowledge or recognize and as such claimed a measure of agency uncommon to most women of this period.

In staging their ectoplasmic manifestations these mediums were, for a time, able to invert the gendered hierarchies that existed in the scientific and para-scientific production of knowledge. Although these otherworldly performances were undoubtedly fraudulent and the mediums who produced them often relied upon erotic misdirection, this supernatural stage allowed these women to transgress rigid sexual and social boundaries, improve their material conditions and, for better or for worse, achieve celebrity status among scientists, Spiritualists, and psychical researchers.

Focusing more on what the emergence of this peculiar manifestation signifies, Karl Schoonover suggests that it reflected the popular perception of the photographic process. While such examinations are useful, the medium herself is obscured by the metaphorized substance she produces. This article is an attempt to rearticulate that connection.

In doing so, I examine the ways in which the female body becomes a revered site for generating materialized ghosts and how these productions not only resist phallocentric conditions of knowledge but also undermine the foundations of this knowledge. Ectoplasm, while it might appear to be an embarrassing exudation at worst, is nevertheless a positively dissident substance.

Palladino, born Raphael Delgaiz, was an impoverished and illiterate Neapolitan medium who exhibited psychic gifts at an early age.

Ectoplasm (paranormal)

After losing both parents, the penniless Palladino served as a nursemaid for an upper-middle class family and later married an itinerant magician. During this period, Palladino performed the kind of paranormal feats that were fairly common in the s: she levitated tables and produced spirit raps through the mediation of the omnipresent spirit guide, John King. In his book,After Death—What? Toward the end of the trance, when the more important phenomena occur, she falls into true convulsions and cries out like a woman who is lying-in, or else falls into a profound sleep, while from the aperture in the parietal bone of her head there exhales a warm fluid, or vapor, sensible to the touch.

Hammond describes the almost superhuman capabilities exhibited by allegedly hysterical women. Interestly, the myopic Hammond sees no reward in the notoriety itself. Instead, his regard for the spiritually divided medium, a wayward soul with little capacity or inclination to act on her own behalf, reveals the common assumptions concerning mediumship, a practice founded upon the illusion of feminine passivity and female pathology.

In , Frederic R. This late Victorian malady could, according to Marvin, eventually lead to a type of congenital degeneration that, in some ways, mimicked the effects of hereditary syphilis. Such spiritual performances gave the medium a stage and freedom from the constraints of social and sexual propriety.

It is not surprising then that for men like Hammond and Marvin, mediumship was not just an odious fad; it was an infectious threat to the Victorian family and femininity. Here Marvin implicitly links mediumship to the anxious claims made by critics of feminism and the New Woman. By the s, however, the emergence of ectoplasm would transform the almost venereal corruption that was associated with mediumship. Ectoplasm- producing mediums, beginning with Eusapia Palladino, quite literally gave birth to what some scientists saw as a new biological order.

Ruth Brandon further asserts that Palladino would often sleep with any of the male sitters to whom she was attracted Clearly, however, if mediums were producing manifestations that mocked phallic authority, the process by which they convinced investigators of the authenticity of these productions mocked the patriarchal orders that examined them. The sittings themselves were especially disastrous.

Richard Hodgson observed the medium free a hand to move objects and use her feet to kick and animate the furniture. They put their mind on the tricks, and I automatically respond. Palladino was, however, able to convince other members of the S. This ability also earned her acclaim as a gifted medium and secured her financial independence. Palladino would fare better with other conjurors, however. Hereward Carrington, who was himself an amateur conjurer, took Howard Thurston, the renowned stage magician, to see Palladino perform. Eva C. Schrenck-Notzing appears on the left.

Image courtesy of Hathi Trust. Between and , Richet observed and photographed a series of visitations from Bien Boa. The materialization is not as spectral as one would imagine. The figure is draped in a white sheet and is inexplicably helmeted. Working with the sculptor and psychical researcher, Juliette Bisson, the respectable widow of playwright Alexandre Bisson, Schrenck-Notzing photographed and examined ectoplasmic materializations, the variety of which had not yet been encountered.

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  6. These materializations occurred in a room that appeared to be a cross between a late Victorian medical clinic and a provisional photo lab see figure 1. Because of the sensitive nature of ectoplasmic material, only red light was used in each sitting. Although the photographs reveal nothing, Schrenck-Notzing is encouraged by his contact with the ectoplasm. She asks Bisson to remove the stitching between her leotard and dress, a sort of hybrid garment specifically designed to prevent fraud, then invites Schrenck-Notzing to examine her. As the doctor notes at the beginning of the entry, a gynecological examination had already been performed.

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    She indulgently defers to Schrenck-Notzing because of his official capacity as a doctor and a scientist. But to a certain degree, the request to be examined also serves as a sort of seduction and clever misdirection. Such voyeurism is heightened for the researchers compiling the data. My pheromones really brought out the pine inside and made me smell like I needed a shower after being out in a storm all day lol I most recently purchased Kisses Deep and Love perfume and they blew my expectations out of the water.

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