Pequeñas estrofas, grandes sentimientos (Spanish Edition)

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It is never late when, happiness is good.

She has a very personal voice tone and phrasing and a perfect articulation that allows her to merge her voice as an instrument in different contexts, this vocalist offers this repertoire where some indelible classics amalgamate with her own pieces. With the collaboration of a nourished group of qualified musicians, Amed counterposes elaborated arrangements some of her own, others by a sophisticated musician as Guillermo Klein with the telluric essence of some of the songs.


Slowing down the tempo, as she did in her former album, removing any unnecessary emphasis to give place the pauses and silences, this singer gets remarkable atmospheres in each song …. An album that certifies the splendid maturity of this performer that is not only one of the most ductile singers in our country but that she is capable of surprising us in each of her recordings. La voz del interior, June 19th, by Santiago Giordano.

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  8. Her approach, then is tainted by her own experience. Here she faces canonical authors from argentine folk music interleaving these pieces with her own with the collaboration of emblematic figures in the contemporary jazz as Adrian Iaies and Guillermo Klein.

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    Amed succeeds in this attempt thanks to her sensibility as a singer -virtuosism never goes before melody andfeeling- and also as a composer. Rolling Stone, Discos, julio de by Claudio Kleiman. Today, after the brand new release of this album, La sombra de su sombra, with ten poems set to music in an emotional and high quality way, avoiding any common place and being closer to an experimental and conceptual style.

    Cause you can listen Amed. To know the sound universe that Carlberg imagined.

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