Le Secret des rois (HORS COLLECTION) (French Edition)

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A moneymaker for the most radical front of the French avant-garde, the novel by its very success demonstrated the bankruptcy of contemporary French letters and the Situationist contempt for the psychological novel, while perhaps unintentionally holding up a playful mirror to the private lives of two of the Situationist International's most important members. All the King's Horses is a slippery rewrite of Dangerous Liaisons with Debord playing the role of cold libertine, Bernstein as his cohort, and disguised walk-on roles by the likes of the painter Asger Jorn and others.

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Though Greil Marcus sparked interest in this novel in his book Lipstick Traces , All the King's Horses remained unavailable until its republication in France. This Semiotext e edition is its first translation into English.

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Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published October 1st by Semiotext e first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about All the King's Horses Semiotext , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about All the King's Horses Semiotext. Lists with This Book.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 25, Mimi rated it really liked it Shelves: read , novels. The few ex-friends I met there were precisely the ones I would have preferred never to have seen again. In a voice that was too loud and tried hard to sound worldly, the gallerist was talking about her shoes, so that an important visitor would understand she was already distancing herself from the failure she felt coming. View all 4 comments. Jan 19, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , girls-girls-girls.

I thought I might write a review. Then I felt lazy, so I lay down instead. Then I started the review. I was bored before I even began. The review was more about the Situationist International than the book. The fucking infernal boredom of changing what I had written. I lay down again. If I did not have an aversion to drinking maybe I would have gotten drunk, then lay down again and I'd would have been bored but satisfied that I did not have anything else to do.

Then I deleted the review, because I thought I might write a review. Then I deleted the review, because it would have only been co-opted by the Spectacle anyway. Now I can live with myself without the bad faith that accompanies almost every single oppressive action in my shit stinking god forsaken life. Mooncheese I realized was living in bad faith in relation to the dominant paradigm of power and submitting willfully to the all embracing totality that feeds and keeps her alive.

I threw her out of my revolutionary movement. She does not seem to care. I will write polemics against her in the future. Now I'm bored again and I will lay down to sleep. I disavow any claims to the creation of what is written above.

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View all 3 comments. Oct 22, Tosh rated it really liked it Recommends it for: people who like my taste in books. Recommended to Tosh by: Via my interest in Guy Debord's writings. Shelves: books-bought. It is pretty much a straight ahead narrative of a husband Debord and wife Bernstein who pick up other lovers, as well as explore 's Paris. TamTam Books, my press, was thinking of doing this book, but Semiotext e got their first.

And they did a great job on the book. I am hoping that they will put out Bernstein's La nuit as well. Feb 19, Em Laurent rated it liked it Shelves: ecriture-feminine. May 13, Tony Brewer rated it liked it. I would have preferred more commentary about the translation in the intro and less Freudian psychoanalysis in the afterword. So many great lines and exchanges, and I think one does come away with a sense of how everyday life took shape in that time in that place for these people their, ahem, situation.

But again, I found it delicately crafted and intimate and fun to blast through. Yeah I know, so provincial. Who knows? Nov 07, Jason rated it it was amazing. Debord was, of course, the nominal figurehead of the Situationist movement, though the movement itself had only the most perfunctory organizational basis. Debord and Bernstein were married in The Situationist movement was not properly founded until Bernstein was a central force in the movement, famously learned and widely respected.

Debord was a theoretician and filmmaker the two practices an extension of one another. The influence of his writing on the New Left and avant-garde practices is impossible to overstate. Much of the Situationist orthodoxy would come to be seen as retrospectively foundational to the student movement at the heart of May '68 with its rampant factionalisms and insistence on the radicalization of everyday life. It probably has not done much for the reputation of her novels that Bernstein more or less disowned them, at one point telling Greil Marcus that they were essentially intended as a joke.

The version of the story that Marcus disseminated was that Debord had prompted Bernstein to produce the pair of novels as a fundamentally commercial venture at a time when their finances were in poor shape. Though the novel was eventually all but forgotten, it did originally sell handsomely. The novel does not necessarily come off as a straight-up joke, per Bernstein's dismissal, but it is both ironic and deeply irreverent, the product of a robust intelligence having smart, anarchic fun with the whole enterprise.

The fact that Bernstein sees the commercial possibilities of her and Debord's amorality and rejection of received wisdom speaks to her intelligence and bemused cynicism. The way young people enact revolution at the site of the everyday can be packaged and sold to bourgeois readers in search of titillation. The tone of the book is, in accordance, playful and calculated.

They behave as though the rules are up to them, though ever in a state of provisional negotiation. People may get hurt, but that is the price of doing business.

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It shares with those films not only youth and milieu, but its combination of rejection and reimagination. I think it is probably because of its subtlety, lack of bombast, and understated intricacy of critique that many people have failed to note the commanding brilliance of Bernstein's portrait. I love it and admire it. It avowedly deserves contemporary readers. Can't hurt if you have a special place in your heart for the heady foment of Paris in the late 50s.

Jul 04, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: own , semiotexte , theory , philosophy. Central mystery of the novel. Feb 08, Zane rated it really liked it. Michele Bernstein once married Guy Debord, which is enough to make a name, but, perhaps more importantly, she was an active member of the Letterist and Situationist Internationals. She raised money for the organization in various ways, for a time writing horse horoscopes for racing magazines. It was meant to be a work of commercial success, and, later, sh Michele Bernstein once married Guy Debord, which is enough to make a name, but, perhaps more importantly, she was an active member of the Letterist and Situationist Internationals.

It was meant to be a work of commercial success, and, later, she disowned it.

Disowning a novel is a strange idea. The romance of the movement is stripped away, and in its place we get a diary about somewhat dysfunctional relationships of the intimate kind , supposedly based on her open marriage with Debord. There is a bit more than an average teen romance here: a subtly biting internal critique of the characters takes off rather humorously at points. I heard a writer give a reading a few weeks ago who I think was attempting the subtlety of this style of self-critique in a short story, but in the end he was too far invested. Not just his narrator, but he himself came off as actually admiring the pathetic Williamsburg DJ, who was to serve as an example of a vapid, contemporary success.

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It seems more likely that we would take a chance on those. Madame bosse dans la pub, si je me souviens bien. Vous voyez le genre : des rebelles. Jan 10, Elevate Difference rated it really liked it. In the "Translator's Introduction," Kelsey points out that this technique allows Bernstein to become "both star and spectator of her own story. Francophiles will appreciate references to dining at a restaurant in the rue Mouffetard, vacationing in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, reading Racine or Rimbaud. It is probably only in a French novel that one woman might compliment another by saying, "You have a pretty syntax," without being ironic.

Review by Kittye Delle Robbins-Herring Jan 27, Paula Geanau rated it liked it. A friend of mine, who is tragically a fan of French writers got me into a book club, and this is the book they were reading. I really wanted to go have drinks with the club members so I had to read it. That's my excuse. Safe to say, I have not been convinced through this novel that French novelists aren't all summed up with the word "ugh".

Maybe another time. There have been things of this book I've liked. It's short. It ends. There were some nice middle parts too,; it's not hard to consume and A friend of mine, who is tragically a fan of French writers got me into a book club, and this is the book they were reading. There were some nice middle parts too,; it's not hard to consume and finish, but it is difficult to swallow and absorb. I couldn't care for the protagonist or her husband, or the way they infantilize their lovers.

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