Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?

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Never underestimate the power of personal dissatisfaction. If an ambition can be fostered in young black people to better themselves, great things can be accomplished. How can a population built around poorly-educated single-parent families produce those conditions? The obvious question begged by the above is "How do we create stable communities. I have contended the issue is not race but sex.

How to Fix Traffic Forever

Young black males are badly socialized by being raised by defeated and poorly educated single black women. Those women get government assistance. The young males get not one penny of public assistance. Some of us, and I am one, have watched the black population go nowhere fast. It has been fifty years since the epochal Watts riots and things are not one bit better today. I expect nothing positive will happen during the next half-century with the poor black population.

More riots, more black incarceration of young males, the same street violence and drug use, the same horrendous school drop-out rates and subterranean test scores. Here is the one hope. It consists of a hypothetical black male who announces he is done with the 'bros and cuts ties with the 'hood. He finishes school, moves away from the gawdawful mess, marries a woman about his own age and then, when they are ready, the two have children.

He no longer feels a phony "black" solidarity: he wants to take care of Mom and the kids. This young couple's cause is not Black People, Black Power, blacklivesmatter or any other "cause. If enough young men do this then their communities will shake the feminization curse, the streets will be safe and minds will be nurtured. It is hard to learn in a school where doing your homework gets you ostracised,. As long as "trying to be white" is an insult used by blacks against other blacks, there likely will be little progress in black schools. By the way, what does "trying to be white" mean?

The problems of places like West Baltimore require a focus on safety and schools, not race

Trying to be successful? Trying to learn? Trying to be ambitious?

5 Surprisingly Solvable Problems America Can't Figure Out

It's a huge and tragic problem. I'm starting to think that we in the US have to take some huge steps or at least have the guts to talk about them. Stop paying women to have kids out of wed-lock. And stop paying them today. No money, no incentive to have a single parent home. Don't stop the war on drugs just alter its aim to a war on drug pushers.

Eudaimonia and Co

Really alter it. Show anyone who's looking that drug dealers will go to jail for a long time and not continue to ride around the neighborhood in a new car. Tell the teacher's unions to get out of the ghetto and make real school choice a viable option for black families. Go ahead call me 'nuts'. I may be. I live in an area of my city that is gentrifying. Socially, I want to vote in the upcoming election for local government officials that are promising for housing integration because I know it is best for lower income people.

The issue is that as a white, recent graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt I live in an area with "housing integration". Most of my neighbors are wonderful, welcoming and the children are friendly. Even if these people aren't "dangerous" they want me to think that they are.

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I have been told that I moved into a "drug block" and that "I'll be lucky to make it a year". I have had people on bikes point finger guns at me and "pull the trigger", for walking down the street with my dog. At the end of the day I WANT to live in a world with integrated housing but personally I can not say that I would want to live in these areas.

I want to feel safe in my neighborhood. I can't afford to leave yet but when I can, I will.

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  • I can't say that I'm alone in this way of thinking. I want what is best for my city and although housing integration sounds good, I don't want to be around dangerous people who love to make me feel unsafe. My Wife and I are totally friendly to our neighbors and I have even had conversations with some of the neighbors that have made it their life duty to scare people out of the neighborhood. A neighbor of mine who happened to be a young black male asked a group of kids standing in front of his house if they don't mind moving along. It's a city and no matter what, he didn't want people loitering in front of his home.

    It was never proven that the things that happened next were related but they did happen within 2 months of confronting the group. That neighbor ended up with his car broken into, his house broken into and his bike stolen. All because he asked the kids to move along. First, Congress must disallow NFIP rules that prohibit NFIP policyholders from getting a premium refund when a policy is cancelled prior to its expiration and coverage is replaced with a private flood policy. There is no practical reason to continue this abusive practice. You can make a difference.

    American Tariffs Won't Fix The China Problem

    Contact Congress and tell your representatives that by taking these five simple steps, they can flip a switch that will automatically restore the original intent of Congress and turn a money-losing government-sponsored monopoly into a problem-solving insurer of last resort. They can reduce flood insurance costs for virtually all Americans as competition drives efficiency and lowers prices. Thank you! Please tell us what you liked about it. We have updated our privacy policy to be more clear and meet the new requirements of the GDPR. By continuing to use our site, you accept our revised Privacy Policy.

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    The stock-market has seen volatile shifts with the announcement of each new round of tariffs. Prices of consumer products such as computers and couches are on the rise for many Americans. And US farmers are being hit particularly hard by Chinese counter-tariffs — especially soy, corn and wheat growers, who recently experienced the largest export price drop since This has a ripple effect on the industries that provide inputs to agricultural production, freight railroads, trucks and barges in the transportation sector that move the goods, and the communities most tied to farming, where a lack of revenue is felt by local small businesses.

    Already, there is great speculation that markets lost at the hands of a trade war will never return, putting at risk massive private investment that supports the production and supply chain associated with this industry. While tariffs may punish China by negatively impacting the Chinese economy in the short term, they offer no direct incentive to curb Chinese coercive technology acquisition or covert IP theft.

    Where an international dispute falls within the scope of coverage of the WTO treaty, taking unilateral action without first going to WTO dispute settlement for a legal ruling on whether there is a WTO violation is, in and of itself, a violation of the treaty. In the unlikely case that China actually cedes to US demands i.

    Obviously, unilaterally imposing tariffs to punish China for its trade malpractice is, itself, trade malpractice.

    Why Some Societies Mend After Collapsing — and Some Don’t

    So what is the alternative? Such a case would avoid the problems with unilateral sanctions discussed above and put far more pressure on China than the individual WTO complaints several nations have already filed. More importantly, there are good legal grounds to bring such a case up. And there are some pretty clear examples that complainants could point to. Following a successful case, the coalition of aggrieved nations could implement WTO sanctioned penalties which directly combat Chinese behavior.

    Instead of undermining multilateral institutions like the WTO at every turn, the President should be working to strengthen and leverage them. As stated above, many companies who dealt with China were well aware that they would likely lose control of their IP in the process. President Trump has said he would create new and better trade deals between the US and these partners.

    Reject the myth that rising inequality is inevitable